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16 Nov

Understanding the spine -- an amazing structure of bone, intervertebral discs, nerves and soft tissue -- can be difficult. Take a look at our handy Spine Facts Infographic to help you #KnowYourPain.


spine facts infographic

Did You Know?

The spine is divided into 5 regions: the cervical (C1-C7), the thoracic (T1-T12),the lumbar(L1-L5), the sacrum with fused vertebra (S1-S5) and the coccyx, or tailbone.

Intervertebral, or spinal discs, are flat, round cushioning pads that sit between each vertebra or back bone. The soft tissue in the spinal region include tendons, which connect muscles to bone, and ligaments, which connect bones together and add strength to joints. The average adult spine consists of 33 bones, or vertebra.

Interested in more facts about the spine? View our Interactive Animation or Take a look at our treatment guides now.

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