Facet Joint Injection Procedure

Animation: Facet Joint Injection Procedure

What is a Facet joint?

Your spine is made up of small bones called vertebrae. Each vertebra has flat surfaces called facets that touch where the vertebrae fit together. The space where two facets meet creates a facet joint on each side of the vertebrae.

What is a Facet Joint Injection Procedure?

Facet joint pain occurs when one or more of the facet joints in your neck or back become irritated and swollen. During a facet joint injection procedure, medication is injected into the facet joint space. The duration of bone and joint pain relief will vary depending on the medications used during the facet joint injection procedure. The facet joint injection procedure is typically performed as a test injection and can provide several hours of pain relief. It is also possible that you will receive this facet joint injection procedure for prolonged relief. You will need to discuss the facet joint injection procedure options with your physician. Although rare, risks of the facet joint injection procedure may include infection, allergic reaction to the medications and nerve damage.